This page contains the list of all the stories (as on the date of update) on the website. Some of the stories are fictional while others are historical.

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A request: while I have tried to minimize the number of spelling or grammatical errors in the stories, there will still be many, as there wasn’t any second person review. So, if you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes, kindly contact me. I’ll be grateful to you.

A voice from behind

I lived the way everybody did. Walked on the path where everybody walked. But I always heard a voice, a whisper from behind. But I never looked back lest I may fall behind. But there came a day when my ...
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Serving the Lord

A spiritual leader was on the airport waiting for the boarding announcement. He was going to the US where he had an important conference the next day. He was supposed to deliver a lecture at the conference to be attended ...
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Where did you go?

Standing on the pedestal of success, blinded by the glittering lights of fame, caressed by the heavenly comforts, I never knew when I forgot you. When the dream disappeared, as it always does, I found myself lonely on the street ...
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An undeserving beggar

Recently, I and my friend went to a Gurudwara. As we came out of the Gurudwara, I noticed that there was a line of beggars outside the Gurudwara. My friend, who is a regular visitor to this Gurudwara, paid alms ...
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Today, he laughed!

Today, he laughed. He laughed uninhibitedly and uncontrollably. He laughed as much as he hadn’t laughed before ever in his life. He laughed because finally, one of the biggest weights he had been carrying on his heart, probably for lifetimes, ...
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You are not this

A dishevelled, dark, old-aged beggar in worn-out clothes used to roam around the streets of a city, with asking in his eyes, and hands always stretched out to beg. His only belongings were the clothes on his body, a bowl ...
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The Pursuit of happiness

It was one of the worst days at office for him. So, naturally, today he was more open to listening to his inner voice, which he would otherwise ignore in the normal flow of things. As soon as he reached ...
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Chintu’s pursuit of the heavenly hotel

Chintu used to live in Punjab and like every Punjabi, he harbored the dream of going to Canada (or Kanaeda) one day. He wasn’t educated much but he knew one thing because of which everyone in his townvalued him. He ...
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Chintu got corrected for once and for ever

It was Guru Nanak’s birthday. Chintu was in the most ecstatic mood. He had planned a big party at his house with his friends. He was overseeing all the arrangements, planning everything lest something may not work at the last ...
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When they killed me!

One day, I finally took the courage to express my doubt. I had been thinking about it for a long time. I just didn’t carry enough courage to speak it out lest some people may get angry with me. But ...
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I walked on your path

I walked on your path The path wasn’t easy Full of hurdles and hardships A roller coaster ride An arduous undertaking For only a few resolute ones But I walked. I was happy that I walked Proud of my strength ...
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A story of transformation of a prisoner

I read this story in one of my Punjabi classes in the school around twelve to fifteen years back, but it hasn't left me since. There was a prisoner at the time of Maharaja Ranjit Singh ji. He was full ...
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