As a seeker, I come across various challenges and doubts in my life. Besides, there are many situations in which I struggle, sometimes successfully and sometimes unsuccessfully, to apply the understanding of life given by Gurbani. Also, there are situations I try to look from the both the perspectives: of the regular society and of Gurbani.

A lot of times, I write down these things: my understandings, my challenges, my questions, and my perspectives, as I seek, with the grace of Guru Nanak, to integrate the perspective of Gurbani in my life. I thought sharing these experiences might help some people going through the same challenges or situations. With this motive, I am sharing these experiences of my life.

It will be very kind of you if you leave some feedback.

A request: while I have tried to minimize the number of spelling or grammatical errors in these posts, there will still be many, as there wasn’t any second person review. So, if you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes, kindly contact me. I’ll be grateful to you.

How to know existence?

It's not that planets revolve around the sun because of gravitation. Rather, gravitation exists because planets revolves around the sun. Revolution of planets existed even before anyone thought of gravitation ...
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Pleasure and Joy

One of the highest forms of wisdom is the discriminating power between pleasure and joy. While it is certainly great if you sacrifice your pleasures for a higher cause, the ...
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Value of nectar

If no one valued nectar, would you leave it? Doesn't it have any intrinsic value? Or have you lost all sense of intrinsic value of things? ...
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If you don't find beauty, don't change the object. Change your perception. It'll help every time. If you don't find beauty, try loving more ...
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Why haven’t we dropped ego?

The reason we are not able to let go of our ego is that it provides us stimulation and happiness. If ego were only about suffering, we'd have dropped it ...
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Parameter of success

The only worthwhile parameter of success is your joy. Everything else is nonsense spread by nonsensical people ...
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Ego and the path of joy

The ego cannot understand the path of joy. Therefore, the more you are ego identified, the more difficult it is for you to follow the path of joy. Therefore also, ...
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A couple of shayaris!

आसमान मे उड़ते जिनके शरीर थे, ज़मीन पर रेंगती आत्मा देखी उनकी, ज़मीन पर जिनको जगह ना थी रहने की, आसमान के पार उनके ख्याल थे English Translation: People who ...
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Important and unimportant

When the important becomes unimportant, everything unimportant occupies the importance. In other words, when the pursuit of the divine becomes unimportant, everything else becomes important. What do we consider important? ...
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Life’s preferences

If we pay attention to our preferences, we'll realize that they are not our preferences; we haven't consciously chosen them. They are just there as if they are life's preferences ...
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