This page contains the list of all the articles on the website. The articles are on different topics, mostly around spirituality, religion, and life. I have written the articles with my limited understanding of Gurbani. If you have doubts or find any problems in the articles, kindly contact me. I’ll be happy to respond.

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A request: while I have tried to minimize the number of spelling or grammatical errors in the stories, there will still be many, as there wasn’t any second person review. So, if you find any spelling or grammatical mistakes, kindly contact me. I’ll be grateful to you.

Fundamental Questions (Axioms)
Big Questions
Beginning of the universeWho are we?The essence of Gurbani
Why and How was this universe created?The fundamental law of the universeWhy should I follow Gurbani?
Who is God?What is the purpose of our life?Hukam or Divine Will
What is right and what is wrong?A question I always ponder on
Why do we need religions?Guru Nanak's three messages to the world
What is the purpose of religion?
Is everything predestined or is there a free will?
Is your understanding of God correct?
Does God exist?
Religion and SpiritualityReligion and spiritualityLife
God is unconditional loveEgoThe power of thoughts - 1
Unconditional loveLife of virtues vs Spiritual lifeThe power of thoughts - 2
God doesn't careLogic vs FaithThe power of thoughts - 3
God caresReligious PrideWhy do bad things happen, if there is God?
Religion is aboutThe Two circles of life
Religion is not aboutThe Two circles of life Part 2
Myths about religionHow to decide what to do?
The most insidious system everDo we know anything?
What does God need from us?The purpose of suffering
The source of our suffering

Power of Association (Sangat)Other ArticlesOther Articles
The power of association - Day 1Reserved SpaceReserved Space
The power of association - Day 2
The power of association - Day 3
The power of association - Day 4
The power of association - Day 5

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