A voice from behind

I lived the way everybody did.
Walked on the path where everybody walked.

But I always heard a voice, a whisper from behind.
But I never looked back lest I may fall behind.

But there came a day
when my head titled about
Towards the voice
in a curiosity driven or uh uh.. may be accidental bout

And lo!
the whisper became a sheer power,
and grabbed me by the arm
and started running
on the track nobody warmed.

I feared. I trembled. Lest I may get lost.
But as I walked or rather dragged, the fear dissolved.

The joy sink in
Which increased with every step
As I walked for the first time an effortless walk.

Before I knew,
the distance between the rest and me grew
making me inaudible for everyone in the crew

As my heart swelled and the flowers bloomed
I wished I could share the secret of this beatitude

I picked up the pen,
in love of my kin,
but what could I write,
I softly dreamed.

The tilting of the head could give one so much,
no one would accept,
I knew of my pack.

Suspending my notions,
I splattered the ink
on a paper that was colored pink.

After a while, when the senses came back,
the paper in front was filled with text.

I looked at the paper,
kissed it twice,
and then flew it in the air with all my might.

Peace and calm took over,
for I knew,
the paper would be read
by someone it belongs to.

Now, I wander
in this realm of joy
playing with my friends of love,
oh boy.

Sometimes, I wonder,
why no one told me
of this world
filled with joy umpteen.

But as I wondered once,
the whisper came back,
to remind me,
that it never went.

This whisper of the soul,
the voice of God,
so gentle so soft
just like a rose.

As I tender, as I care,
this flower grows
in all things real
in all things allure

Amazed and awed,
I look at the flower,
from where it came,
I crave to know.

The flower opened up,
looked me in the eyes,
with love unparalleled,
it spoke with delight.

“Your beloved sent me
to bring you back right
into his realm
where there is no sorrow nor plight.”

“He awaits you
with his eager eyes
to embrace you again
as a mother does her child”

“Do you remember him?”,
it asked me politely.
“Do you cherish him?”
the flower asked me kindly.

Perusing my thoughts,
poring over my feelings,
to find his trace,
in my lowly being.

I discovered nothing,
after a long scrutiny,
but got an understanding,
that always evaded me.

Receding into despair and gloom,
I asked the voice,
“Is still for me there room?”

Always full of bliss,
the voice gleefully announced,
“always there. always there. He never turns down”
“He never turns down”
“He never turns down”
“always there. always there. He never turns down”

May Guru Nanak bless us all!

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