These things do not relieve the anxiety of the heart!


For some, or should I say most people, religion has become limited to intellectual discussions. They read scriptures, debate on the meaning of the different words, sentences in them, and consider themselves as religious scholars. They think they have understood their religion and have done what religion asked them to do.

But have they?

Is there peace in their lives? Are they content? Are they joyful? Do their lives reflect the divine qualities?

If not, to what use have all their efforts been?

Gurbani says these arguments and discussions do not relieve the anxiety, restlessness of the heart. The peace, calm of the heart can only be obtained when centres his or her mind for even just a moment. The mind is always frittering away in thousand directions, driven by various lusts and desires. If it centres even for a moment, it will see the reality face to face. What was blurred because of its speed will become clear when it slows down.

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