The doubts are not dispelled by preaching and talking!


“We are all one.”
“The entire universe is a manifestation of God.”
“God is love.”
“Our true nature is love.”
“Brotherhood of humanity and Fatherhood of God.”
and so on and so forth…

We all know these things. Isn’t it? We, the spiritual people, are more ‘aware’ of the basic reality or truth of life than others. Isn’t it?

Come on. Then, show me these statements in your life.

There is not a trace of any of these statements in your life while you are shouting out these lines to the world. Would just talking and preaching about these things change your life?

Probably, yes. It will inflate your ego even further, since you know about ‘God’ while others don’t, and you will look ‘down’ on others as lesser beings lost in the trivialities of life while you are concerned about the fundamentals of life.

Come on! Whom are you fooling?

You are just a puppet who is shouting these things out but have no understanding whatsoever about the depth and grandness of these statements. Leave alone all the statements; even if you imbibe just one of these statements in your life, you’ll not remain who you are now. How much humility will it bring to you if you see God in all the beings? Would you still be able to call yourself a better being than others? Would you then not respect each and everyone around, even the lowest of the people? How will you ever harbour anger or jealousy or hatred against the other then? Have you even once sat down to think about the impact even a single statement will have on every second of your life? Can’t you see that currently all of your actions, words, and thoughts are rooted in the idea that all of the above statements (that you otherwise preach and talk about confidently) are wrong?

My dear friend, the doubts about the basic reality of life are not dispelled by just talking, preaching, and studying; you need to walk the path. Walking the path is difficult, but it’s less painful than wasting this precious life.

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