Use some foresight!


No one does anything bad to herself.


And if we all understand that whatever we do, we do to ourselves, nobody will do anything bad.

Isn’t it?

“What goes around comes around” is not just a saying, it is the way life works.

If you don’t want bad things to happen to you, stop doing bad things to others. It may not be possible with our short sight to see how our karma will come back to you. Therefore, Gurbani asks us to have deeper foresight so that we can see that with our present thoughts and actions, we are building our own future; the future may be immediate or distant however.

Therefore, if you want love, kindness, forgiveness, compassion, caring – if you want all of these things, start giving them out. And good thing is that these things – the most precious parts of life – all of them come for free. So, you won’t be a penny poor by giving them out.

Then, why wait? The person next to you is waiting for your love, kindness and care. Give it!

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