The misconception of injustice!


There is no injustice in this world. Everything is governed by the law, which is completely fair and just. The law is called the law of karma. The law is simply that you reap what you sow. Therefore, you are wrong when you blame someone else for your misfortune. Nobody has done anything wrong to you. Nor can anybody do favors to you. It is all your own karma which is fructifying in the form of circumstances.

You reason, “If he hadn’t done such a thing, I wouldn’t be in this condition.” The answer is: if he hadn’t done it, somebody else would have done it in some other way. Probably, the details of your circumstances might have been different, but not the quality.

The quality could not have been different because the quality of your circumstances is not determined by what the world or the people in it in are doing or thinking, but by the quality of your thoughts and actions. Therefore, unless you change your thoughts and actions, your circumstances won’t change.

In blaming others and trying to extract revenge from them, you are only sowing more negative karma, which will lead to even more desperate situations. And in those situations, you will blame even more and thus, act even more badly. And this cycle will go on and on and on, your life growing worse and worse and more and more desperate. Until you choose to stop it.

The decision has to be taken by you. The choice has to be made by you. Why not make the choice now? Why wait for the circumstances to turn even more adverse?

But why would you stop blaming? You don’t even believe in the law of karma. You don’t even believe in the justice in the world.

But till when will you not believe it?

The time will come. Surely come.

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