They are not called heroes!


Not everyone who dies in a war is a hero. Not every person who fights is a hero.

There is a saying that says “Tolerating injustice with others is a crime. But tolerating injustice done to yourself is an even bigger crime.”

So, people fight all the time.

Because every time someone or the other is meting out injustice to them. Then, they say, “I am not weak. I can fight for my rights.”

But what is justice? And what is a weakness? And what are your rights?

Has anybody told you answers to these questions? Or have you ever pondered deeply on these questions?

What if the “law of karma” prevails in the universe? Would there be any scope of injustice?

What if the real weakness lies in losing your temper?

What if the biggest right you have is the right to remain calm, peaceful and happy in any situation?

Don’t carry the misconception that you are strong or a “hero” when you fight. Probably, the biggest strength lies in forgiveness and compassion. A weak person cannot be expected to either forgive or love.

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