Completely forgotten the reality


Aren’t we separate from God?

If we think we are, we are living in duality i.e. in a belief that there is something other than singularity i.e. God.

However, this illusion was created by God Himself.

The world is like a play where we are put under illusion by God Himself, and then the purpose of life is to come out of the illusion and recognize that who we are is not separate from God i.e. recognize the singularity.

However, we, driven by our ignorance, completely forget about the reality and the purpose of the play, and keep on living our lives and performing our actions under the illusion of duality, without making any effort to come out of it.

It’s like a person is sent to the market to fetch one thing. But when he goes to the market, he gets so lost in all the variety, lightning, and crowd of the market that he completely forgets the thing that he was supposed to fetch.

What are we supposed to do in this life? What is the purpose of life?

Important Questions?

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