Who is great?


This line reminded of this story:

A poor man became rich. Once he became rich, everyone who used to ignore him started saying “Namaste” to him. To such people, he started saying “I’ll pass on your compliments.”

People wondered what he meant when he said so. Eventually, one person asked him what does that reply meant. He replied, “Since I am the same person they used to ignore previously, they must be paying compliments to the bundles of money in my house. So, I just tell them that I would pass on their compliments to the right owner.”

People who accumulate wealth, education, careers, and power think that they become great by doing so since people start calling them ‘great’. But whose greatness is it? They probably are just as hollow as they were without these accumulations.

Truly great people of the world are the saints and the devotees of the lord, who are lost in the love of the Name of the Lord.

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