How to know existence?

It’s not that planets revolve around the sun because of gravitation. Rather, gravitation exists because planets revolves around the sun. Revolution of planets existed even before anyone thought of gravitation. It also means that we accept gravitation just because it can explain certain phenomena. It might be rejected in the future. But no one can reject that planets revolve around the sun.

The existence precedes all logic. Logic exists because there is harmony in the existence. If it were all randomness, no logic would be possible.

We know only theories. We hardly know the existence. When our eyes tell us that the sun follows us, do we know the existence? Or do we know the existence when science tells us that the relative angle between our eye and the sun remains constant? Can’t the theory of how we see things change tomorrow? Then, what would be the existence? Planets revolving around the sun is also not existence. Or probably it is. We can’t say. We just know that such motion can explain certain phenomena. What is existence then? How can we know it? By seeing? By intellect? Or by love? Spirituality agrees with the last approach.

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