Serving the Lord

A spiritual leader was on the airport waiting for the boarding announcement. He was going to the US where he had an important conference the next day. He was supposed to deliver a lecture at the conference to be attended by the influential and powerful people of the world. He was happy since that one lecture could bring about a significant change in terms of peace and compassion at the world level.

On hearing the boarding announcement, he started walking towards the designated gate. As he was about to join the queue at the gate, he saw a man, who seemed like a sweeper at the airport, sobbing in a corner. His heart moved while his feet stopped.

He went toward the man and spent the next couple of hours listening to and empathizing with his story. When the man gained some composure, the leader bid him goodbye with blessings.

His flight had departed by that time. On enquiring about the next flight to his destination, the leader was told that there were no seats available on the flights for that day.

When his PA got to know about the sequence of events, he was surprised to the point of shock. Trying to be as calm as possible while asking the question, the PA asked the leader, “I am a bit surprised. Your one lecture there could have calmed or helped thousands or probably millions of people across the globe. But you sacrificed that just to bring composure to a single guy. I am unable to understand it?”

The leader smiled and spoke with an unusual calm and serenity around him, “I am just a servant. My religion is to serve the lord that sits within me. If he asks me to go and give a lecture, I do that. And when he asks me to drop the lecture and serve a guy sitting in the airport, I do that. I cannot say yes one time and no the other time. When my conscience asked me to help the guy, it was my dharma to help that guy. As far as saving the world is concerned or helping millions of people, that is not my job. That is the job of the one who sits within. I am not here to save the world. I am here to just serve him with diligence and love. If in the process of serving my conscience the world gets saved, it’s good. But if it doesn’t, I am not worried. The world belongs to him, not me. Isn’t it?”

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