Why haven’t we dropped ego?

The reason we are not able to let go of our ego is that it provides us stimulation and happiness. If ego were only about suffering, we’d have dropped it long time ego. However, we cling to it. Because of the highs it provide.

And these highs are our only respite from otherwise unpleasant and seemingly cruel life. Thus, our whole lives we remain in a tension whether to drop it or keep it. The time when someone praises us, we achieve something, we are appreciated, we want to keep it. The time when we fail, feel restless, lonely, we want to drop it. Unaware that both suffering and happiness are sides of the same coin, we are also unaware that this ego separates us from our true nature of eternal joy, peace, and love. And this eternal joy, peace, and love is ours without any effort, just for the taking. Ego, however, doesn’t believe in worthiness by existence, it wants to strive and struggle and suffer to become worthy. It doesn’t want free things, no matter how precious they are, since it hasn’t struggled enough to deserve them.

The ultimate choice will be on us – who do we identify with: our true nature or ego? Ego will choose ego and true nature will choose true nature.

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