Today, he laughed!

Today, he laughed. He laughed uninhibitedly and uncontrollably. He laughed as much as he hadn’t laughed before ever in his life. He laughed because finally, one of the biggest weights he had been carrying on his heart, probably for lifetimes, was lifted. He laughed because today, he fulfilled one of the purposes of his lifetime. He laughed because today, he expressed – yes indeed he “expressed” – one of the aspects of his true infinite nature.

So, what did he do today? Today, he demolished his own self – the self that existed in the society. An inspirational and spiritual leader, he spoke such things today, which went right against his ideology, beliefs, and teachings he had been spreading. He spoke in a way only a ego-driven person could speak. He spoke in a way so that everyone deserts him or turns against him. And his plan seems to be working perfectly. As soon as his today’s video went viral, people started criticizing him, deriding him, mocking him, calling him a sham, a fraud, and what not. People who trusted in him are disappointed, frustrated, and angry for letting all of them down. And they are all expressing their feelings, not very privately. It is as if his stature was built on a pile of cards, and the storm of today is more than strong enough to blow it away to tatters.

Even his relatives and very closed ones seem to be leaving him – some leaving because he has no career anymore, some leaving because he doesn’t stand for the values anymore, while others leaving for both the reasons. He has locked himself up in a room, and is not talking to anyone. And he never told anyone that he would do this. And he did all of it purposefully. For years, even before the time he got all the fame and wealth, there was a very strong yearning inside him – yearning to show to himself that he was greater than all he could accomplish in this world – greater than fame, money, and reputation.

And today, he showed himself that. By losing everything. Yes, by losing everything, he showed himself that he was above all of it and that he belonged where none of it mattered. Of course, it was a costly affair. It cost him everything he had acquired in this world. But as he used to say himself, “one needs to have something within so that even when he loses everything outside, he doesn’t lose anything”. Today, he showed himself that he was right. And today, he bowed down before his Guru, thanking him for making all of it possible. For making him a free man. The cost of freedom was everything. But it was worth it. Wasn’t it? The expression on his face, the language of his body and uncontrollable tears of joy streaming down from his eyes tell it was.

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