What does God need from us?

Let’s ask him directly.

Why not?

Let’s ask him: What do you need? Tell us straight.

No answer.

Conclusion: God doesn’t need anything.

Isn’t above logic correct?

If God is omnipresent and can listen to my question, then no answer means he doesn’t need anything. Isn’t it?

On a more serious note, think about it: If God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and the creator of the universe, what would he need from us tiny beings in the universe?

Nothing. Right?

But then you may ask: Why do we need to worship him? Why are there so many rules in all the religions?

Good questions.

Let me ask a couple of counter questions.

Why do you study? Why do you follow the rules of a school?

So that the school could prosper? So that the school teachers could be happy?

No. You study and follow the rules because they help you in your life.

Similarly, you worship God or follow any rules of a religion because these activities help you in your life i.e. help you lead a happier life.

It also means that if these activities don’t help you, you can choose not to do them. Just as you can choose to leave one school and join another. You don’t need to follow any religion to learn and grow spiritually. We all are, by default, enrolled in the school of life, which is good enough to help us live a happy life.

Religions, I believe, were originally intended to bring more clarity to the life and directly communicate the principles of life, which we would learn from our different experiences in life. However, over a period of time, they are destroying the clarity, instead of providing it. They are trampling on the basic human values, which everyone knows intuitively even without being taught.

We all are free to renounce such religions which preach hatred, violence, division, superiority over others etc. However, it might help us embrace religions that teach us love, kindness, compassion, universal brotherhood etc.

God doesn’t need anything, including that we follow any religion or follow its rules. We are free (free will) to choose any religion we feel may serve us. We are also free to reject any aspects of any religion, which do not go along with our fundamental values. However, it will serve us if we follow a path or religion, which brings us closer to our higher values.

May we all find and walk the path of our higher thoughts!

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