Is your understanding of God correct?

Here’s a test to determine whether your understanding of God is correct.

Think of the most ideal person. What would be the qualities of that person?

Would he love unconditionally?
Would he be non-judgmental?
Would he be full of compassion?
full of forgiveness?
full of kindness?
Would he give you complete freedom?

I believe the answers to all the questions would be in affirmative for the most ideal person.

Now, here’s the test:

If you understand God as worse than your ideal person, then your understanding is INCORRECT. Simply because God cannot be worse than your thoughts if you (and all of us) have come from him.

I understand that accepting God as non-judgmental and full of unconditional love raises some questions e.g.

  • Why do we suffer?
  • Why is the world under so much turmoil?
  • Why are some people born in rich families while others take birth on the streets?
  • and so on..

If you have these questions, then search for their answers (possibly on this website). Changing your conception of God is not the only way to answer these questions.

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