God doesn’t care

You read it right! God doesn’t care about anything. If he is the creator of the world, is omnipotent and omnipresence, he doesn’t care about what you and I do. If he did, he wouldn’t allow us to do anything against his liking. Isn’t it? Why would he be sadistic to first allow us to do anything contradictory to his wishes and then punish us (in hell or whatever)?

All religions call him the creator of the universe and call this universe an illusion. If this is an illusion and nothing is real, how does it matter what we do and what we don’t?

Right. It doesn’t matter.

Whether you choose to play snakes and ladder or chess. Whether you choose to go to Delhi or Kerala. Whether you eat meat or not. Whether you believe in God or not.

Nothing matters. At least to God.

It’s an illusion. Right? So, why would he care?

But then does it mean that we can do whatever we want?

Of course, YES.

So, there are no rules to go by?

Of course, No. Given who you are, divine light yourself, a manifestation of God himself, why would you need any rules?

But religions prescribe rules all the time. Are they fundamentally misplaced then?

That’s a good question.

Let’s take an example here.

If you are in Delhi and want to go to Kashmir, where should you go: North or South?

North. Right? Since Kashmir is north of Delhi.

However, if you choose to go to south, then it is not morally wrong on your part. There is no morality involved here. But if you go south, you’ll not reach Kashmir. Rather, you’ll get even farther away from Kashmir.

Now, a person, who knows that you want to go to Kashmir, comes to you and says that you should go north. He is not providing you a rule, which you must follow or if you don’t follow, you’ll go to hell. That’s not the case.

But if you don’t follow him, you will not end up at Kashmir where you wanted to go to. So, you know that you want to Kashmir but you don’t know the path. A person comes along and tell you the path.

It is not at all imperative for you to follow the path. You may just ignore him. But if the person is correct and if you follow what he said, then you may land up at Kashmir.

We all want joy, peace, happiness, and love but given the condition of the world, it doesn’t look like we are succeeding. Probably, we don’t know the path. The worse thing is we have accepted that there is no place of eternal joy and love. But the fact is that the place exists. Or at least, let’s be open to the idea that it may exist.

In such a case, we want guidance on how to go to a place of joy and love. All the religions in the world were started to provide that guidance, to make human lives full of joy and love. So, there is indeed truth in all the religions of the world.

However, over a period of time, corruption has seeped in almost all the religions. The most pernicious problem with religions of today is that they have forgotten their role of being just a guide. They have assumed authority on their own. The authority which was supposed to lie with the individuals – the religions of today are trying to snatch away that.

And then, even the guidance has also gotten polluted to an extent. Different preachers have given different interpretations to the scriptures based on their limited understanding and motivations.

However, it does not mean that everything is bad with the religions. There is indeed truth hidden behind all the noise created by the religious institutions and preachers. There are some religious institutions which are actually spreading the truth. There are some religious preachers who are actually telling the truth. They are not taking power away from individuals; rather, they are empowering them to choose their lives the way we want.

What we need is to first accept that there exists a better world and then, be open to the idea that religions can provide a way to the better world.

Of course, we shouldn’t accept everything a religion says but at the same time, we shouldn’t discard everything a religion says.

The idea is to go with a sincere and open heart. Once we have a sincere heart, the doors will open automatically before us. We’ll meet people who have risen beyond the superficiality of the religion. We’ll see the side of religion and life, which was hitherto hidden to us and the opening of which will open a much brighter and happier world for us.

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