God cares

In the post “God doesn’t care“, we have understood that God doesn’t care about what we do. However, he does care about what we feel.

A mother does not care whether her child plays hide and seek or cricket or baseball, but she cares whether her child enjoys or suffers through the game.

This whole world is a play, an illusion created so that souls can enjoy themselves. Gurbani refers to this world as a play very often. In reality, all there is is just One. We may call him God or Allah or Guru Nanak or Jesus or Waheguru. We can use any name. All names belong to him.

But in the reality where all there is is just One, it is not possible to experience feelings of love, joy, compassion, kindness. Two entities are required to feel love, compassion, or kindness. Even for joy to be experienced, suffering needs to exist. At least, suffering needs to be an option. If suffering is not even an option and we revel in the joy all the time, we’ll not be able to appreciate it.

So, this world was created where we had options to choose the life we want. However, given the current state of affairs, it seems we haven’t been choosing joy. Rather, we have been choosing worse and worse forms of suffering. We are trapped in a suffering trap. The more we suffer, the more we make others suffer. The more we make others suffer, the more we suffer in return. The vicious cycle thus continues.

Now, God does care about us. He loves us deeply and unconditionally. He doesn’t even lay out any conditions for us to deserve his love. Rather, why would he put conditions on us when we all have come out of him?


But then the question arises: why do we suffer when he loves us? Why doesn’t he make us all happy?

These are very good questions. There is a two-fold answer to these questions:

  1. The first point is that he and even our true-self have the infinite power never to suffer, to always be joyous. But in such a case, suffering wouldn’t be an option. In such a case, the duality of this world would not exist. All there will be will be God. The duality and the option to suffer needs to exist for the joy to be experienced. To understand this more, read “Why and how was this universe created?
  2. Secondly, given our condition, why doesn’t he change it for once? Probably, because he doesn’t judge us or our actions. He has given us the freedom to choose the life we want. If it includes suffering on the physical domain, he is fine with it. He doesn’t even judge suffering to be bad. Besides, how can he take away from us the freedom to create our lives? If we are happy polluting the rivers beyond repair, he doesn’t judge that to be bad. But he won’t make the rivers clean out of magic. He doesn’t intervene in our freedom to create the world we want. We know the consequences of throwing poisons in the river but if we still choose to do it as a nation or as the world, then he is fine with it.

He loves us deeply and unconditionally and thus, he can’t take away our fundamental freedom to create the world we want. So, all he can do out of his love is show us the way to joy, peace, and love, to our true selves. He has been showing us the way through innumerable prophets, saints and evolved souls who have visited the earth. By their teachings and lives, these evolved souls have shown us the path back home, the home of joy and peace and love.

God also shows us the path in innumerable ways through our experiences and coincidences. He keeps whispering in our ears about the ultimate truth of our being. But we have been so conditioned by the society that we discard all of that or consider it hallucination or crazy stuff or too good to be true. But the truth keeps coming to us in every moment. Every moment is an opportunity to rise, to move towards joy. But conditioned by the society, we always take the wrong path. We have to somehow come out ¬†of this conditioning; otherwise, we’ll keep suffering for the rest of our lives.

We’ll need to take out time to think about the bigger questions of life and ask ourselves “who am I?” “What do I want in life?” “Why do I want it?” “What if I get it?” “Why am I here on this earth?”

We don’t need to accept answers that don’t resonate with us. But we need to at least search for the answers.

And once we start searching, we’ll allow God’s love to manifest. We’ll allow ourselves to finally listen to him. Then, we’ll get all the answers to our questions and thus, will start our journey back home to joy, peace, and love.

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