The most insidious system ever

There can be nothing more insidious than a mathematical system based on a set of wrong axioms.

I read this statement somewhere and instantly agreed with it then.

For better understanding of this statement, let me explain a bit about a mathematical system. A mathematical system starts with a set of axioms and then logically deduces everything else from those axioms. Each and every formula or theorem that is a part of the mathematical system is, thus, a logical derivation from the axioms. By definition, every mathematical system is logically invincible i.e. once you accept the axioms, you cannot challenge any formula or theorem that is a part of the mathematical system.

So, in a true mathematical system, you can be assured of logically correctness. But what about the factual correctness? Does it reflect the reality of the world?

The answer to these questions entirely depends on the correctness of the axioms. If the axioms are incorrect, the entire system would still be logical but completely useless in the real world. You may end up wasting your time and energy and life if you continue to argue logically without questioning the axioms. And axioms are “assumed” to be true in a mathematical system. This creates an insidious or vicious cycle, which is extremely hard to break.

Now, I would like to read the above statement in terms of today’s religions and by doing so, I would challenge the statement.

I think:

A religious system based on an incorrect conception of God is the most insidious system ever developed in the history of humankind.

The God of today is:

Vengeful whose love can turn to wrath,
One who gives orders and is full of hatred for those who don’t obey him,
One who has a predefined path and is full of enmity and cruelty for those who don’t follow his path,
Supports religious fanaticism, strife, atrocities, and crusades.

What kind of God is this? Isn’t he devil-incarnate? By worshiping a being with such qualities, aren’t we worshiping a devil, if at all he exists? Doesn’t the present decadent condition of the world testify that we have been worshiping devil instead of God? Aren’t humans becoming increasingly devilish? Isn’t that natural to happen if our idol happens to be devilish? Aren’t all the tortures, violence, fanaticism, hatred, confrontation, killing coming out of our conception of God?

Do we have the courage to ask ourself: Are we completely wrong in our understanding of God?

The salvation of the entire humanity may lie in this question.

Are we willing to embrace a new conception of God?

Gurbani, the Sikh scripture which has writings of Sikh Gurus and Hindu and Muslim saints from across races and economic strata, provide a very different understanding of God. The same has been shared in this article: Who is God?

I hope we have the courage to look at God with a new pair of eyes.

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