I walked on your path

I walked on your path
The path wasn’t easy
Full of hurdles and hardships
A roller coaster ride
An arduous undertaking
For only a few resolute ones

But I walked.

I was happy that I walked
Proud of my strength and courage
Disdained others who didn’t
They were myopic and indulged in self-gratification
Lost in the illusion of the world
While I strived to rise above it

With my chin up, I walked.

It was not in vain, for
Walking and walking, one day I reached your door
My heart swelled with pride
I finally achieved the purpose of life
Vindicated for my efforts
Relieved after a strenuous journey

The door was pushed open for me
As I had expected
As I entered, I saw you
Full of glory and light and beauty and love
As I had expected

Can’t tell how blissful it was
How delighted I was
Ecstatic for what I was seeing
The fruit of my efforts

One moment I was lost in the brilliance and the splendour
The next moment I regained myself
I wished the next didn’t come
Might I be lost forever

However, in one of those nexts, I saw it
An object in your hand
As effulgent as you were
I was awestruck
For I never thought that someone could match you
But it did.

So, I asked what it was.
You didn’t say anything.
Just smiled.

I wondered what it was.
It was beautiful.
I wanted to know what it was.
I walked closer to you to touch it.

However, as I was about to touch it, it disappeared
As if to preserve its piety
I couldn’t touch it.
I got a bit scared
And retreated a couple of steps.

It was then you spoke
And asked me to come closer to you.
I felt joyous
For you had called me.

As I strove to take a step closer to you
I realised I couldn’t
I wondered what had happened to me.
One who had walked for lifetimes
How could he not walk a couple of more steps
One who had the power to suffer all the tribulations of life
How could he not be able to step closer to you

But no amount of effort proved fruitful.
Eventually, defeated
I gave in.

It was then that dazzling divine object reappeared
And without effort, my feet inched forward
Flabbergasted I was.
For it was its attraction that moved me
Not my effort.
I didn’t walk.
It pulled me.

My pride was shattered.
It was in those moments of extreme humility, I wondered,
“Was I wrong all my life?”.

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