The objective of "Back to Gurbani" is to help people, especially Sikh seekers, understand the message and the path of Gurbani.

Back to Gurbani (BTG) aims to connect the seekers to Gurbani through an approach with the following characteristics:

1. Focus on what happens when you follow Gurbani, instead of what happens when you don't - Most religions today are driven by fear, rather than by love. The emphasis in most of the religious messages is on what happens when you don't follow the path. Of course, a life without spiritual connection and purpose is meaningless and will be full of difficulties. However, we don't need to restrict ourselves with this aspect. We also need to look at what happens when we are spiritually connected - connected with the life stream that flows through the entire universe, and when we realize our true self. A person who follows the path of Gurbani experiences increasing levels of joy, peace, and love in his life and ultimately merges in the pure essence of these divine feelings.

2. Inside out approach - These days, Sikh religion, like all other religions, seems to be mainly or probably entirely focused on the cultural aspects of the religion i.e. what to wear, whom to marry, how to dress, what to eat, what to drink etc. We are concerned about who we are from the outside while we are ignoring our inside reality i.e. our spirituality. The purpose of the cultural aspect of a religion is to support the spiritual aspect; it is not an end in itself but a means to the spiritual end. However, all religions ultimately seem to make the cultural aspect an end in themselves, thus becoming hollow, and ultimately lifeless. We, at Back to Gurbani, believe that if we get the inside right, the outside will fall into place.

3. Focus on spirituality, not on culture - In line with the above point, Back to Gurbani will focus on the spirituality i.e. Gurbani, and not on the cultural aspects of the Sikh religion. The cultural aspects will be discussed only as much as they touch on some spiritual topic.

4. Logical and modern approach - Obviously, the message of Gurbani is logical and neither self-contradictory nor contradictory to the reality of life. An educated person seeks to understand the philosophy of Gurbani in a logical way that his intellect can accept. Besides, the youth of today also wants to receive answers to the current psychological, social, and other life related problems from a spiritual system. Back to Gurbani seeks to cater to both of these requirements.